Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Help the Needy - Meet Ms.Nalini Bakthavatchalu

When you first meet Mrs.Nalini Bakthavatchalu, it is her trademark welcoming and bright smile that catches your attention. Little will you realize that you are meeting a social worker, an excellent orator, counselor, teacher, and a friend in need. Ms.Bakthavatchalu(the one in blue saree in above pic) and her hubby were (are) teachers in Arakkonam (a town about 70 km from Chennai, Tamilnadu), for more than 30 years. Ms.Nalini has a Midas touch and is capable of transforming any simple school campus into a beautiful paradise by placing love bird cages and flower pots. Once, she identified a gypsy camp near her school and brought all the inmates under the school’s umbrella and helped them learn. Her selfless work for the gypsies was published in local newspapers, The Indian Express, and The Hindu too.
After her retirement as a teacher, she was offered the job of Manager @ Catherine Anderson Memorial (CAM) ladies home in Arakkonam. The hostel nurtures 80 orphans and semi-orphans. As usual, she did an exemplary job by painting walls, planting shrubs, and organized meditation and prayer camps.
Her students who are now well settled, volunteer to help the needy and underprivileged thro her. Ms. Nalini never accepts cash and insists that her students directly provide goods and services. One of her students would offer sweets, notebooks, yet another cloths and bed sheets, and yet another would dig a bore well that will forever quench the thirst of hostel inmates.
Ms. Nalini is an excellent coordinator and is good in roping in resources either over phone, writing letters, or by meeting in person. She once helped two handicapped children to get operated and be fitted with artificial limbs. They were also given wheelchairs. She reaches out to the needy in neighboring villages with food and other things. Her daughter Pearly would be hassled that her mom kept their house door open for neighbors to come and fetch water from their garden hand pump. Her son Job (my hubby) would joke that she never gave away sweets that were meant for the underprivileged, to family members. My father-in-law Mr.Bakthavatcahlu, supports my mom-in-law in all her philanthropic endeavors. As a daughter-in-law( rather daughter), I pitch in a bit.
Ms. Nalini Rathinakodi recently got the Best Performance Award for her services as Manager@CAM home. It is to be noted that she does not accept a monthly salary for this commendable role of hers. She is very pious and having read the entire Bible four times, she believes in – Ask, and it shall be given unto You. Seek, and You shall find. Knock, and it shall open.

So, you want to brighten someone’s face this year end, then call Ms. Nalini :

Landline: 04177-225224

CAM Home, GIRLS Hostel
Mission Compound,
Krishnampet, Palanipet Post,
Arakonnam, Vellore – 631002.

Or mail:

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