Thursday, November 19, 2009

Enlightenment - The Beauty Of Life...

Our life is a journey that is propelled by the constant fight between our internal conscience and external pride. Our outward pride always boasts and vanity is its language. Vanity has a lot of desires and has superiority complex.

On the other hand, our internal inferiority complex is driven by fear and under estimations of our strengths. And there is a constant struggle when we try and establish a bridge between fear and desire, our inner voice and external rants (or lies).

To overcome the tussle, enjoy every minute of your life without criticism of self or others. Aim for a peaceful “state” instead of an ego-driven “status”. Stop trying to change the personality of someone to answer your inner chaos. Let the animated “You” rise above the inanimate objects of “Yours”. Let the fight between your inner world and outer world end. And herein lays the secret of being a leader in your own small universe where you do simple chores with beauty and fun!

But how about Ayn Rand's lines - Man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress.


JOSEPH said...

Good one.But being consistent to such thoughts is difficult no?

Anitha said...

Yep Joseph. That is the challenge of life.