Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Help The Blind To Read...Can U?

On one Sunday, many enthusiastic Visually Challenged(VC) college students could not find a volunteer to help them read.

No. of VC students who came on Nov 1, 2009, Sunday: 180+
Students who did not get a reader: 80+

Every Sunday at Padma Seshadri Bala Bavan School [PSBB], Habibulla Road, T Nagar, Chennai, reading session for VC students is being conducted. All you need to do is, just drop in at the above said venue and read out the study material brought in by the students who take University exams.To bridge the huge gap between the VC people and the readers, your presence on coming Sundays will be highly appreciated. You can help a blind person to come out with flying colours in their exams.

For more info, reach Shankar @ 9840085673.

Click the link to know more about the reading sessions:
Scribes & Readers

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