Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Recent Storm and Muniyamma...

The moon was hiding behind the clouds. Dew drops trickled on Muniyamma’s face. In a few minutes dew turned into a downpour. Her mud house started collapsing and one of the walls kissed the floors. She and her daughter Kali smiled.

Muni picked up a torn silk saree to make silk walls. Kali looked around for pieces of cardboard, pith, and coconut strands to fill the gaps. Today, they need not pay Rs.5 for bathing in public toilets. They enjoyed a natural and pure shower.

After their spirited fight with nature they went back to snore. Kali’s leg hit the stove. She cuddled her child Yuvan who was the only joy of her short-lived marriage. Rains subsided a bit.

Storms lashed again in the morning. Stray dogs tore at the silk walls looking for shelter. Cardboard pieces flew and puppies cuddled next to Yuvan. Doggie Jumbo peed and pissed as he need not pay Rs.3 for his nature’s call. Then he licked the milk lining the red mud ground.

A neighbour informed about relief and refugee camps. He eyed Kali's wet blouse. Kali hugged Yuvan as thoughts of child trafficking rocked her mind. Hmmm...only long-term rehabilitation will help them arise.

Muni and Kali were vexed. Hey, but they laughed again seeing the dogs wag their tails as fast as they could…

PS: Muniyamma never gets angry. Is she Arundhati Roy to get angry and write a book??


Shannmuha said...

Nice post. Arundhati Roy is not Muniyamma and Muniyamma is not Arundhati Roy !

Pravin Nair said...

Hi Anita!

Nice post there..sensitive & a reality of millions..

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