Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dublin Bus Tour - 1 - Ireland Trip - Part 2

Here is my second letter to my colleagues and friends that i wrote from Ireland!

Hope you are all fine. Here we all are fine. We went on a Dublin bus tour on Saturday. This was a tour of around 20 places in the Dublin city. We have to pay once for the entire trip. Then we can get down at any place and get into any tour bus during the trip. Every driver sings a song about "Molly Malone" and the song goes like " In Dublin's beautiful city ....and so on."

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We got a glimpse of the world famous "Guinness brewery" , the sphire which reaches towards the skies, and St. Patricks's cathedral. The public rails are green in colour in keeping with Ireland's green look.

In the roadside you observe people singing, playing the violin, and also performing martial arts. They are very clear that they want money in return for the performance. One of them quipped "We don't want your smiles we want money."

Here you see two Irish beauties. Actually, their face were painted with different colours, shades, and designs. Some of them even walk around with small crowns/ tiaras on their head. Interesting ladies ;-)

Here the transport system is fully automatic with different access control systems like turnstiles and ticket issuing machines. We have to put the exact ticket fare in the counter inside the bus. In case we pay in excess, we get a refund ticket which can be used only at a special office in the city !!!!

Few other places of note were Phoenix park, Dundrum shopping mall, Stephens green house - which had a host of green plants inside and on the exterior of the shopping mall.  Click here for a video of more places in Dublin.

I had the Irish stew and it was not at all yummy !!! Also tried the apple pie - and did not like the sour taste. But i loved the Tuna fish sandwiches. Yeah, we have a T.V in our room, which we rarely switch on. If switched ON we only watch the world famous "Friends."

Catch U,

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