Thursday, July 10, 2008

Carroll's Gift Stores - Ireland Trip - Part 3

Irish gift shop named Carroll's gift shop was a favorite haunt during our trip. These gift shops were located at all important places of the Dublin city.

The shops house all types of souvenirs in the form of key chains, fridge magnets, wine shot glasses, and handkerchiefs. The souvenirs would typically look like a Leprechaun or Shamrock. The Leprechaun is a joker like figure and Shamrock is a leaf divided into three parts. Even the chocolates would be in the shape of a Leprechaun or Shamrock.

I loved the gifts that portrayed the Guinness wine in small glasses in the form of key chains. You also have bottle openers in the form of a Guinness beer bottle and a name plate on it.
The magnets usually have figure of Molly Malone or the pictures of famous places in Ireland such as the river Liffey.Chocolates, perfumes, soaps, and T-shirts are other things to watch out for. They also sell different varieties of table cloth. One table cloth i bought had the menu for Irish stew written on it in green!!

This is a Lush outlet. Guess what those colorful blocks are. They are SOAPS!!!

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Aaarti said...

How cute..
i love magnets... :)