Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dublin City - Ireland Trip - Part 1

I was excited when I learnt that I will be traveling to Ireland as part of a project team in April 2007. The first thing people told me about Ireland when I spoke of my travel were the pubs and the castles. So, i was ecstatic as it was my first trip abroad.

Enroute to Ireland, i got a glimpse of the Alps mountain. I also saw actor Radhika of Tamil cinema at the Frankfurt airport in Germany. She was coming up the escalator and we were going down nearby. She was watching all of us and we waved back.

Let me share my first detailed letter to my family, friends, and colleagues from Ireland. I have attached few photos of the places.


Hope you are fine. Here I am doing well. Ireland is beautiful with castle like houses, greenery, beautiful flowers, and clean roads. Here some houses have walls fully covered with plants and creepers. The weather is Ok now. Sometimes, we have bright light till 8 in the night. The sun is shining bright in the mornings!!!

Here crossing roads is a big process. At each and every crossing, we have to press a button on a lamppost. Only when we see a green on the opposite end we can cross. This is there even for very small crossings. There are a lot of shops called "Bookmakers" here. I was wondering what it was. They are places for booking horse races.

 Irish stew is supposed to be very good. I am planning to taste it. We go out to shopping malls near our guest house almost every day. I purchased chocolates here as we have a discount sale following Easter.

Drying clothes is fun here. We have a two white metal like structures in our room. We have to just put wet clothes on it, it gets becomes dry. The guest house we stay offers “bed and breakfast.” They have well maintained eating place with lot of wall paintings hanging. They offer a morning staple diet of bread toast, sausages, ham, and omelet. The milk served here is thick and tastes good.

We have different varieties of cornflakes, yoghurt, and fruits such as fig and plum served. And they serve only fruit juices with food. Water is a special and costly commodity which you have to buy or ask for separately!!! Very funny...

Houses in Ireland have multi-colored doors in shades like pink, blue, black, red, and yellow. I took few snaps. I don’t have energy to capture all the beautiful varieties of plants here. Each house has a marvel!!!

We are yet to visit places here. Training is well-designed and is going on quite well.

Catch you later !!! Anitha

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