Sunday, June 9, 2013

Message from Tapas Das Mohapatra - Life Coach and Corporate Trainer

I had the opportunity to attend a seminar by Tapas (Thanks to Lions Clubs in Chennai). Tapas spoke only for an hour, without a break, but the talk was interesting and you cannot afford to bat an eyelid as you may miss a good thought. 

"Connect before you Correct" was a nice message by Tapas. He gave an analogy of how we cannot apply soap directly to our body, but must first apply water and then soap. Here water is "connect" and soap is "correct." Similarly, we need to establish a rapport with a person before we can correct them. 

Tapas also talked about the difference between "Nature" and "Design". If we just went by nature, people will label us as mad. Instead, we need to design our life - just like how you design your curriculum vitae for a better job or higher salary. 

When we are in a good mood our mind switch is "ON." So, we behave positively and act wisely. But when we are in a bad mood, our switch is "OFF."  So, we behave negatively and act otherwise. It is good to keep our mental switch ON.

Tapas asked us not to take our relationships for granted and to design our relationships. He asks us also to stay away from people who behave like a virus. 

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