Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Know the Way - 81 Fun Ways to Live the Tao - A New Book for Kids

My friend and classmate Nilanjana Krishnan has penned a book for children. For each of the 81 ways of the Tao, Nilanjana has included experiential learning methods to teach love, equality, empathy, and more. The book comes with illustrations by Nilanjana's sister-in-law Dhivya Kaliaapan. Bob Umlas is the co-author. 

So, look forward to a dose of Eesop Fables, analogies, proverbs, activities, questions, affirmations and WoW stories for each of the 81 verses/chapters of the Tao. Happy Reading. Click here to buy the book online.

Check out Anjoo's article "My Child, my First Spiritual Teacher," that she wrote as guest post few years back.

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