Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marina Tamil Movie - Breezy and Funny

Have you watched a movie in which every character is etched with care, every scene is rib tickling, and provokes your slumbering mind? Then you must watch Marina?

Renting a tree branch to a newcomer, having a competition to measure the reach and measure of piss, or a ranting crackpot - you will live inside the Marina Beach for the 2+ hours.

The love story of actor Oviya and her boyfriend is funny. An expenses track is shown in their scenes to show the money spent on the short lived love. The boy who sells a conch or 'sanggu' is prophetic as he blows the conch everytime he tries to sell one to the pair.

Other stories are interesting too. After a long and hilarious search, the police find the boy who hurt an Inspector's son. As we wait for the revengeful act, the boy is let off with just 10 "kottus" or mild knocks on his head.

The beach boys collect money and conduct cricket and running races. An old beggar, who was once wealthy, yearns to give the trophy to the winners. The kids never call him. Though dejected, he buys a trophy and asks the boys to conduct another competition. The boys conduct a grand horse race. The grandpa gives the trophy to the winners. The need for acceptance and belonging even when a person is old and begging is brought out well. The death ritual of the old beggar on the horse is very touching.

The film ends with a message that child labour in Marina should end and that the kids should go back to school. Wish you all a happy journey inside Marina. Thank you Director Pandiraj for the wonderful tour.

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