Thursday, April 26, 2012

About Muttram StreetPlay Troupe

Muttram Troupe was formed on Nov 25, 2009. It was started by Prof. Ravindran, HOD of Journalism and Communication, Madras University. Muttram is an all-student troupe and the 4th batch is currently active. Venu Gopal engira Aadalarasu is the Secretary and Trainer. The troupe was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor Thiruvasakam. Sahayaraj is now the President of Muttram. Muttram performs Street plays, Folk dance and Folk songs. They visit slums and perform for the underprivileged kids. They visit the tribals who live in mountains. They perform as well as learn the dying art forms of the Tribals. Once a year, a Japanese cultural team visits the University to perform. Muttram performs during this intercultural communication event. The Muttram team would have done more than 50 shows so far. You can reach Muttram team at

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