Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Cognizant Outreach was Born?

At the Social Media Summit 2011, it was interesting to know how the Cognizant (CTS) Social Outreach wing was born. Ms. Archana Raghuram, Head of CSR at CTS, told how the story started about five years back. The management decided to have internal blogs for CTS employees. The employees could write about anything under the sky. The blog named Channel -1 (is the name rite?) was nicknamed the "Virtual Water Cooler" at CTS. Remember how we exchange gossip and good news near the real water cooler in our offices.

Reading the blog posts, CTS management was amazed to know the amount of social work and volunteering that employees of CTS were engaged in. Employees were helping a boy selling samosas to pursue engineering as he scored very high marks. They were helping a old age home with goodies. If more finance and administrative support was given to this socially conscious employee pool they can do wonders and expand their horizons. As a result of this thought, the CTS Outreach was born. Now the Outreach wing has grown and a competition between 12 internal groups for the best social program is going on. They also have an internal Twitter platform C-weets. Great going indeed.


Archana Raghuram said...

great summary. You pretty much captured everything I said. Thanks a lot for posting.

Anitha said...

Thank U and Welcome.