Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blogologues - Entertainment at its Best at SMSin2011

The play by Blogologues was a fitting finale to the Social Media Summit 2011. Trendy songs, different styles of dance, awesome expressions, rib tickling dialogues, commonsense,  live music with real instruments, good pace, and great editing. What else do the audience need to keep laughing throughout the play and give a standing ovation in the end?

Lines like," Frankly Speaking, Arnab Goswami is the only one speaking." were funny. Because Twitter has "Followers" it was termed a bit communist. And they took a dig at Facebook "Likes" too. But the debate turns into a friendship when Google+ wants to join them! And throw in a bit of Mr. Bean antics, Poonam Pandey, Shiv Sena strikes, love, and philosophy, and you have an enchanting drama!

The Great Indian Blogologues is a collabration between StrayFactory and IndiBlogger. Indiblogger is a network of  21,000 Indian bloggers from all over the world. StrayFactory is a theatre group that adapts blog posts written by Indibloggers to the stage.  

Mathivanan Rajendran, the lead guy at StrayFactory, told that Blogologues either do a Blog Stich ( combining two or more related blog posts), Blog Flesh (add creative spins to a blog post), or Blog Bricks( combine acting with mime or more).


dubugu said...

Frankly Speaking, Arvind Goswami is the only one speaking should have been "Frankly Speaking, Arnab Goswami is the only one speaking. Or was that deliberate like I do with my posts ?

Good to hear abt such a thing

Anitha said...

Oh, Thank U. Have made the name correction. Frankly speaking, i hardly watch idiot box.