Saturday, September 3, 2011

Events and Happiness

                                                   Events are the language of the Universe

Events are events, things are things, situations are situations - neither happiness nor stress is contained in things, events, or situations. You can choose your reactions to them.

For example, say you are watching a soccer match. One of the team wins the match. Match winning is just an event. But the crowd which supports the winning team is happy and the one which supports the losing team is sad. So, the same event causes different reactions and emotions in different sets of people.

No happiness or unhappiness is contained in the event itself. Each spectator might hold some loyalty to a team or might have a financial interest in the outcome, pride in one of the players, or allegiance to the school or city the team represents. Those attitudes produce the response to the contest and to the outcome, not to the event itself. It is our conditioning and preconceived notions fed to us from birth that make us react the way we do.

So, where is the true source of happiness: The true source of happiness is within each of Us!

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