Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deiva ThiruMagan - Tamil Movie Review

 The pleasant locales of Ooty is the first thing that captures your attention in Tamil movie Deiva Thirumagan. Actor Vikram makes his tongue act a lot to depict a mentally challenged person. And he looks really really handsome when he dresses like a King for the song "Kadha Solla Poren."

All the songs have been pictured well with lot of graphics/animation work. And the tunes by G.V. Prakash are peppy and aptly fit the movie situations. Jagada Thom song needs a special mention.

Oh, actor Amala Paul's eyes are so big and beautiful.  Actor Anuskha enacts the role of a lawyer with a tough profile. But she also mellows when she has feelings for Vikram. The dream song of Anuskha "Vizhigallil Oru Vananvil" is very beautiful. Singer Saindhavi's melodious voice adds lot of life to the song.

Cute actor baby Sara shows a range of emotions with ease. Her scenes with Vikram are poetry in motion.

Can a mentally challenged person be a good father and bring up his daughter as a good and successful citizen? Even when people have love and affection for a mentally challenged person, can a challenged person fulfill all his roles in a family and society? Deiva Thirumagan movie says No! Can a mentally challenged person do only mechanical work like cutting chocolates in a chocolate factory? It is a debate question.

I was moved to tears in the final court room scene. Few points irk me though. What happens to Anuskha's feelings for Vikram? How did Vikram easily accept his old friend in Ooty who planned to ditch him?

Deiva Thirumagan is an excellent movie with good performances by Nasser, Y.G. Mahendran, Santhanam, and all the actors who are part of the scenes in Ooty. Ofcourse, Vikram lives his role. And Anushka and Amala Paul emote well. Must watch once! 


Anonymous said...

Not only Amala Paul's eyes are so big and beautiful but her acting is also natural and beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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