Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chinmayi Sripada - Champion of Kannamma Project Exceeds Her Target

Congrats Chinmayi. Singer Chinmayi has surpassed her target of collecting Rs.1,00,000 for Nalandaway's Kannamma Project. Visit Chinmayi's fund-raising page and blog to know more.

Other Champions who are waiting in the wings are Suchitra Karthik, iCare foundation, and Sriram Ayer. A small donation from you will make a big difference in the lives of unhappy girls.

Click here to select a Champion and donate for Nalandaway's Kannamma project.

Kannamma is Kind,
Kannamma is Ambitious,
Kannamma is Nice,
Kannamma is Naughty,
Kannamma is Artistic,
Kannamma is Majestic,
Kannamma is Mature,
And Kannamma is an All-rounder!

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