Monday, July 26, 2010

Vijay Super Singers Junior - Live for AAA 2010

Nalandaway today staged a live and mesmerizing performance by Star Vijay Super Singers Juniors for Art, Arattai, Aarpattam. The five singers Alka, Sharavan, Roshan, Karthik, and Priyanka, were the stars of the Vijay TV show that concluded a few weeks back.

The Stage Background

The show started with a bang when the singers sang "Puthum Puthu Bhoomi Vendum".

From Left: Shravan,Alka, Priyanka, and Roshan singing Putham Pudhu Bhoomi song

Next came Shrikanth, the small wonder, not from the stage, but from the audience dressed as MGR. He sang "Pudhiya Vaanam" and made a quick impact. Shrikanth will be gifted a house soon, as he was the most popular singer of the TV show even though he did not win.

Shrikanth emerging from the audience
Srikanth sings "Paatum Naane Bhavamum Naane"
 Its no wonder Alka won the Super Singers contest and a house too. She sang "Singara Velane"(carnatic), "Allegra" (pop), and "Unnai Kanadha Kanum Kanalla" (Susila melody) with equal elan and style, changing her voice to suit the different songs.

Alka sings "Singara Vellane"

Wow, Roshan's voice suited the song "Udhaya, Udhaya" to the -T-. His voice is melodious and almost girlish now. He does not know how his voice will sound after it "breaks" !

Roshan -perfect rendering of Udhaya Udhaya song

Shravan sang the most difficult carnatic number - "Oru naal podhuma" and the dance number "Something, Something Magic Something" with equal ease. Shravan has got only his car keys and is yet to get his car. Anyways, he has no driving license!

Shravan performs "Something, Something" along with dancers

Priyanka's voice was sweet and she sang "Nallai intha vellai parthu", a duet, and Allegra with Alka.

Priyanka and Drummers

Wow, a wonderful and breezy evening it surely was!


UmaS said...

All my fav songs...wish I had come for this too...

Gud weekend for bloggers like us, I tell you....

Nice pics usual...

Anitha said...

Thank U Ums. I was not planning to attend this show. Just went on a last minute whim. But God, what i would have missed had i sat at home.

The kids were awesome. I was left wondering what was the difference between their songs and those of veterans!

Vimmuuu said...

I loved all the parts of Srikanth; he is one show stopper, isnt it ?

Happened to also see you running around with the camera! :D :D

Anitha said...

Yep. I was trying to capture the percussionists who were always in the dark!