Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shrek the Ogre @Lady Aandal School for Nalandaway's AAA 2010

And, finally a drama that looked childish and tailor-made for kids! After seeing all the superlative and mature performances of "kids" at Art, Arattai, Aarpattam of Nalandaway's annual fest, the musical drama of "Shrek - the green Ogre" was childish.

The queen Fiona, heroine of the play, wears a nose ring. Actors run around on stage to hide behind the sets. Mikes hang from the ceiling. And the giant green Ogre confuses you - is he funny or generous, you never know.

Nevertheless, the makeup for the artists was very good. And the voice of the actors vibrate for the western songs. The sets were colorful and stunning. Shrek the Green Ogre, is a nice show for children!


UmaS said...

So, you went for the evening show, huh ???? I went for the morning one. :)

Like ur pics... :)

Anitha said...

Oh, cool Ums :)