Friday, June 11, 2010

When Is Your Food A Delicacy?

Does delicacy mean just yummy and tasty food. Even frugal foods from roadside shops are quite tasty and mouth-watering. So, what is a delicacy?

A food item is named a delicacy if it is rare to find and also difficult to make. For example, the Roquefort mouldy cheese is a delicacy. The cheese is made from ewe's milk and the curds are stacked in layers along with bread crumbs to introduce the blue viens. After salting and pressing, it is matured extremely slowly in the naturl caves of Roquefort, where the temperature is constant and the humidity is high due to an underground lake. Only cheeses that emerge from this cave can be termed "Roquefort." So, the cheese is a delicacy! Got it!!!
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