Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Great Indian Butterfly Movie

The Great Indian Butterfly is a movie about a young couple in modern India, climbing the corporate ladder amidst tough competition. However, the negative or ill influence in the the movie is not the man Krish, but the aggressive, ambitious, and free-spirited women he encounters.

Krish is in a live-in relationship with Lisa, who is commitment phobic. Lisa is reluctant whenever Krish presses for marriage but is jealous when he starts seeing girls for marriage. Krish frees himself from Lisa's clutches and weds Meera.

Meera is ambitious and aborts her first child as she expects a promotion at office. She smokes and argues loudly with Krish. Meanwhile, Lisa plays her charm and manages to continue her hot relationship with Krish.

Again, it is Krish who tries to bring some sanity in his sexless marriage by searching for the Great Indian Butterfly mentioned in spiritual texts worldwide. The Great Indian Butterfly is supposed to bring luck, love, happiness, and peace to those who find it.

Krish and Meera set off on a vacation to find the butterfly in Kartikey's valley. On their journey, Meera receives news that her junior Priya has been promoted as she sleeps with her boss. So, Priya is the third woman in the movie with a shady character.

A series of interesting events unwind on their journey with flashbacks, fights, arguments, and finally success and love. The couple realize that the valley is Krish's mind and Meera is his butterfly. A nice movie to watch and unwind!

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