Friday, March 19, 2010

Sparkys Diner Sparkles With American Aroma

As soon as you enter Sparkys restaurant ( in East Spurtank Road, Chetput) you are awed by the extremely creative ambiance. Sparkys specializes in American food and so the the walls, tables, and statues have testimonies and souvenirs that reflect American culture.

Each table and its surrounding area is dedicated to one state in USA, say Boston or Texas. So, pictures about that state adorn the table and nearby walls. You also have posters of hit movies, rock bands or cowboy statues.And so the entire place oozes Americanism!

Bourbon Street Pasta ( a Caribbean dish) was yummy and very tasty. Take it with a dose of honey and mustard sauce. Cheesecake with blueberry topping is really good.

The soup and grilled steak are OK. Mama Rita Lasagna is not good - tastes a bit sour. With most of the dishes, you get a generous dose of lettuce salad with a tangy cheese sauce as accompaniment.

The food bill gives a 10% discount for books and gift articles u can buy in a neighboring shop named CoCo ( owned by Sparkys people). Coco is small and cosy. I bought two greeting cards and a book on ethics from CoCo!

On weekdays, the diner wears a deserted look and occasionally love birds sneak in. But, the Friday Buffet at 7 p.m overflows with people. Anyways, Sparkys Diner is a must-visit place for food and culture lovers.

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