Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bun Fights Vs A Guinness Record For Hunger

Yesterday I was tuned into AXN watching the UK Guinness World Records show, when to my utter horror and disgust the audience were asked to have a BUN FIGHT. Hundreds of buns were thrown across the studio by over 200 participants.

I look after over 500 hundred children here in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We struggle to feed them and to see such an act of sheer waste when thousands of people around the Globe go hungry every day was both shocking and unforgivable. When will the West take a global look at hunger and stop flaunting its excesses?

Here is my poser to Guinness World Records (GWR): Will you allow me to try for a world record in producing the most number of men, women & children (esp children) who have not eaten for 2 days in a single city? What is the World record for that? Will you just give us a medal or will you find it fun for them to have a bun fight at the end?

I have searched the GWR website to find an address where I can find an answer to my queries, but was unable to navigate thro all the trivia and chest thumping on the web site and so am asking someone/ anyone( one of you out there) who is more internet savvy than I am to forward this to GWR or post it on Twitter which I believe has links to GWR.

- In anticipation of a reply

Managing Trustee THE ANJAR PROJECT

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