Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rotarians Rock for A Cause...

I accompanied my uncle Wesley for a music practice session of the Rotary club members. My uncle had told me that Rotary members did music shows for charity organizations such as Udhavum Karangal. The idea was exciting and I was looking forward to a simple practice session.

But the practice session was almost like a live show. Three sound engineers worked on the sound tracks and played the audio/video karaoke on the laptops.

The enthusiasm and interest of the Rotary members was amazing. Each one of them had a good collection of old and new songs karaoke CDs. Ladies had bundles of papers with songs handwritten on them in ink.

Every one was eager to make best use of the two hour practice session. So, people took turns in grabbing the mike almost competitively and rendered beautiful numbers. Solos were entwined with duets. Sometimes, you were asked to stay back till one of them completed a good number. And all of them had lovely voices.

Age was not a barrier for eager and lively participations and performance. Kudos to the Rotarians for their spirit of music for a cause!!!

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