Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rhim Jhim Gire Sawan...

I did my higher secondary at Adarsh Vidyalaya. The school hosted a lot of music competitions and I was among the eager audience. A year mate named Anupama was a regular participant and she would always dole out the song “Rhim Jhim Gire Sawan” sung by Kishore Kumar for the Hindi movie Manzil. I loved the song and the melody though I did not understand the meaning of the number. The song suited Anupama’s voice and style and she always rendered a good number.

Few years back, when I was working at CrimsonLogic we had to participate in month end celebrations for birthday babies and newcomers. After the cake cutting and introductions we had to perform.

It was my birthday month and I had to perform. I remembered the song “Rhimjim” and browsed the web for lyrics. After listening to the song a couple of times I rehearsed the song with the help of my colleague DivyaShree who knew Hindi. We exchanged info about the meaning of the song and the slang for rendering the song.

And I sang the song and got good reviews too. A seed planted nearly 12 years before the event, bloomed into a beautiful song...Eh...what goes around, comes around ;)

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