Friday, May 29, 2009

Inner Voice

Yes, the little inner voice inside that talks to you. But you can only hear it when you are at peace-and then too it is hard to hear it. Because in modern life, the networks are too busy. The voice tells you what you really want. Do you know what I am talking about?

“Sort of,” Priyanka said, her eyes darting away from the phone.
‘That voice is mine,’ God said.
‘Really?’ Esha said, her mouth wide open.
‘Yes. And the voice is easy to ignore-because you are distracted or busy or just too comfortable in life. Go on, ignore it-until you get tangled in your own web of comfort. And then you reach a point like today, where life brings you to a dead end, and there is nothing but a dark hole.’
‘You’re making sense. I didn’t get it all, but you are making sense,’ I conceded, more to myself.
I know that voice. But it isn’t subtle in me. Sometimes it shouts and bites me,’ Vroom said.
‘And what does the voice say, Vroom?” God said.
‘That I should not have taken up a job just for money. Call centers pay more, but only because the exchange rate is in favour of Americans. They toss their loose change at us. It seems like a lot in rupees. But jobs that pay less could be better. These could be jobs that define me, make me learn or help my country. I justified it by saying money is progress. But it is not true. Progress is building something lasting for the future,’ Vroom said, sounding as if there was a lump in his throat.

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