Saturday, May 30, 2009

Charity made easy...

Just visit these online platforms to select ongoing altruistic projects worldwide and contibute.

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Hi Anitha,

Thanks so much for mentioning GiveIndia in your list of websites that help the less fortunate.

Did you know that GiveIndia offers donors a choice of more than 200 credible NGOs to donate to? And that we provide feedback to donors so they know exactly how their money has helped?

To know more about GiveIndia, please visit our official blog at

Anitha said...

I'm glad that i heard about Give India and it is my privilege to mention about its services on my blog. I plan to become a donor one day.

Very nice to know about your blog. I shall read it and post my comments.

I did read about Give India in a recent interview in the Hindu. Cheers, keep going with your good work :))

Anonymous said...

We Care India is another platform ( similar to Milaap and Rangde) that recently launched and operates at grassroots bypassing a field partner. Check it out at also their blog at