Thursday, March 12, 2009

Measure of Life in Tasks and Lessons...

One's life's worth is not measured by the length or tenure that they live in this world. But it is measured by the lessons they learn and the tasks they get to do.

So, maturity is not a measure of the number of days you saw the sunrise at the horizon of the sea. But, how many sunsets were happy for You? Happiness born out of exciting and new lessons learnt and fruitful tasks that you get to do.

So, is a Karma Yogi working for 16 hours a blessed soul? Maybe yes. But one of the Hindu epics scorns anything in excess. Too much of rest, too much of eating, and even too much of working. A time for everything and everything in its time and in good measure too!!!

Few people learn the lessons of love, forgiveness, teamwork, respect, and detachment, very early in life. Few learn it late...Better late than never :)

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