Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hand in Hand NGO

I heard the speech of Dr. Kalpana Sankar at the MMA women's forum today. Kalpana is a nuclear scientist and is now the CEO of the NGO Hand in Hand. HiH aims to eradicate child poverty and enhance the life of villagers through microfinance. She mentioned that about 46% of the children under the age of five were malnourished.

Kalpana recalled that she had visited villages were the women in the family would have 50 sovereigns of gold. But will not invest in a toilet worth Rs.6000!! And women in Rajasthan villages would boil water and stones in a pot. They assumed that the minerals from the stone soup would nourish their kids. In Kancheepuram, they manufacture bottled water from the medical waste dumped. Apart from being disillusioned by such strange mindsets, Kalpana had to battle character assassination when she worked for the upliftment of women.

She spoke about the transparency practised in HiH. Even the lowest staff knows the salary of the CEO.

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