Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes or No - the guide to better decisions by Spencer Johnson

I visited the Reliance Mart in Bangalore and picked up this book from a discount sale. I was especially attracted to the book as it had only 105 pages!!! Though not a book meant for light-hearted reading, you can progress through the pages if you are hooked.

Spencer (who is also the author of "Who moved my Cheese") mentions that - to stop proceeding with a wrong decision - is the first step towards making a right decision. But he notes that our EGO may sometime push us into thinking that we are right and not let go of illusions. So, overcoming our ego is the first step.

Spencer explains beautifully that while we rest on perception which is like ICE, reality which is like SUN, melts the ice...really beautiful isn't it...

You need to collect enough information and explore options. This will help you overcome the fear of changing tracks. Systems thinking ( a group think induced by family or office) should not hinder your judgement of what is good for you.

Few other suggestions from Spencer are:

- consult your heart, head, and listen to others
- trust your intuition
- start loving reality
- employ integrity
- improve your insights on self worth - we are used to the comment "Don't think too much of yourself" from childhood days
- be your own mentor and gain insights from your past decisions that worked


Kusuma said...

Hmm.. Got to read this one. I had read "Who moved my Cheese" and it was worth reading.

Anitha said...

Yeah Kusuma, worth reading once...Even i loved tha fable - Who moved my cheese - helps us to let go and stay away from clinging to a void.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

what is the price of this book?

Anitha said...

The price of the book is Rs 175 ( without discount)

Sri said...

Hmm...seems to be a worthy much was it?The best part is 108 pages!Shud read

Anitha said...

Yeah - i deleted few pages i usually don't read in the page count ;-)