Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Butterfly Park in Bangalore - Bannerghata National Park

The butterfly park adjacent to the Bannerghata zoo in Bangalore has a separate entry ticket of 20 Rs. As you walk towards the main park, i noted a washing area in white stone designed in the shape of a butterfly. The entrance to the park is again shaped like a huge butterfly of blue and green colors. The park houses beautiful varieties of plants. Of course, colorful butterflies flutter in the park but are very few in number.
A fish pond adjacent to a waterfall has lots of fishes in hues of gold, yellow, white, and blue. A banana plant in full bloom is also very visible near the waterfall.

I had a tough time trying to photograph a butterfly when it was sucking honey. Was successful a couple of times - the blue mormon was a real good shot!
Adjacent to the butterfly park is a museum which houses colorful butterflies with interesting information. Few things which caught my fancy were that male and female butterflies of the same species look different with different colors. And no two butterflies of the same species also look alike. These facts were very strange and astonishing for me!!! I remembered the Japanese name for butterfly as "Chow Chow" as it is the name of a vegetable in Tamilnadu.


A short movie about butterflies is played in the museum in English and Kannada. The walls of this movie room display hundreds of butterfly samples made of paper and crayon pencils.
One more soothing place near the park is the pond in the backyard surrounded by wild trees. You can sit, relax and enjoy the scenic pond.

So a natural butterfly park, a natural pond, a hands-on museum, and a video show ~ four-in-one place for you is the Bannerghata Butterfly Park. Surely worth visiting more than once.

Click here to view a video of more pictures of the butterfly park.


Lakshmi Rajan said...

Though am in bangalore for more than a decade now, never visited this one ... will try to soon :)

Ana_treek said...

Oh haven't been there.. Your photos make me wanna go:)

pria said...

Wonderful pics and came thru' indiblogger FB.

Nishant Singh said...

Visiting Butterfly parks is always so much fun!

Aakash Kokz said...

I have always dreamed of travelling to Bangalore and a few more cities in South. Now, after taking a look at these pics, I'm much more eager to come up with a plan. Amazing pics!