Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In awe of Jhumpa!

I have been reading foreign authors such as Archer, Steel, and Agatha. Very lately i recognized that i had missed out on Jhumpa lahiri for almost seven years!! Though she was not born and brought up in India, her roots are here.

Jhumpa's Interpreter of Maladies has me in thrall!! "A Temporary matter" created such an impact, that i was thinking about the couple in the story for almost two days after i finished reading.

Interpreter of Maladies captures the imaginations that temporary infatuation causes and also brings out the irony of life. "Sexy" explores how even white women can be taken for a ride by Indian men. The lady is emotionally involved but the guy is just having fun.

It is very difficult to talk about just a single aspect of her story as she captures multiple insights, emotions, and experiences in it. She also describes atleast one historical monument or place in a story. Maybe a review will be longer than her story itself!

It's no wonder that she won the Pulitzer prize for her first novel!!

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