Friday, November 9, 2007

Positive Actions or PONS

I was reading a book by Edward de Bono recently. An idea that impressed me a lot was to do atleast five positive actions or PONS each day. Bono argues that it is not sufficient to just keep quiet without causing any harm to others. You have to spring into action and do some positive acts. I feel five is a big number because he does not include day-to-day chores in it!!!


சுரேகா.. said...

Very nice...

have u read 'Lateral Thinking' by edward d bono..?

try that also..

if u have time come 2

Anitha said...

Hi Surekha,

Thank you for your comment. I have not read the book titled "Lateral Thinking." But, i have read "The six thinking hats." I guess six thinking hats is a form of lateral thinking.

Shall peek into ur blog when i find time.