Friday, October 5, 2007

Share Autos - a big boon

I was just wondering about the times when we depended on just autos as a fast medium of transport. Auto wallas would demand 80 rs for a ride that is actually worth 40 rs. We will stop different autos with the drivers quoting 60rs, 50 rs, and we will finally settle for the one who agrees to take us for 45rs.

Now, times have changed. I have the option of taking a share auto for the same route at a rate of 10 rs. The speed is also good. The ride is sometimes very pleasant when the auto is empty and the speakers are blasting good music.

The only problems passengers face are the occasional accidents that happen due to overcrowding or diesel quality. The police sometimes waylay the autos to check their validity etc. Share auto drivers are sometimes cheated by the public who just get down and walk away in a heavy traffic zone without paying money.

Nevertheless, share autos are surely an example of "Unity is Strength". Kudos to the Share auto system.

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JOSEPH said...

Good one.
In UAE I miss those autoes and the chennai slang those auto drivers use.