Friday, December 1, 2017

GO - SEE - DO - BE is the Travel Mantra of Travel Buff Poornima

About the Author: Poornima Srinivasan is an IT Leader with multidomain experience of more than 20 years. She is a travel buff and blogs about her varied travel experiences at You can reach Poornima at .

I can’t call it a passion, but it is a craving. Travel gives me immense joy and satisfaction. I am surprised and can’t relate when someone says they don’t like to travel. But, not everyone craves the same things, do we?

There are two things that sowed the hunger of travel in me, learning early in school that travel teaches more than what any school can ever teach you, and having a parent who introduced me to the joys of travel. Any exposure builds experiences and breaks prejudices. Exposure to travel is all that and more.

I coined the hashtag #GoSeeDoBe for my informational website, TravelTugs. These four make the essence of a good travel in a broad sense, and each can be enjoyed in varied flavours. In this post, I would like to dive deeper into the elements of GoSeeDoBe.

GO ~ Many make the GO a chore, I say make it an experience. It doesn’t matter what mode of transport was used, or how bad the roads were, or how far, what matters is the experience of going somewhere and enjoying everything on the way.
SEE  ~  I gravitate to SEE elements of travel, as majority of the excitement for me comes from the amazing sights of the places I travel to.


DO ~ Sightseeing was the only element of my travels for a long time, until my kids created their flavour of travel interests, which had to do with the DO. Just seeing something was not enough. They liked the activities that come with travel. Be it water sports, hiking or camping, travel isn’t complete for them without the activities of DO. I have now understood the importance of it from them, and also realized that there are a variety of DOs for all levels of physical and mental abilities. Inspired by my kids on one side, and mom on the other, I now know that if a septuagenarian can DO it with a walking stick, so can I!

BE ~ BE is a classification representing the action of just being in the chosen place, including the stay, food etc. Most vacations with relaxation goals will pivot on this, to just BE. I personally do not like a travel focused only on BE. Why runaway from home to go someplace exotic and do nothing? It may sound very exciting and the best vacation someone stressed could take, but it has nothing to do with the joys of Travel. In my travels, the place to BE should be a nice augment to my travel itinerary, comfortable and clean, with decent food. Wishing everyone a wonderful #GoSeeDoBe experience in all your travels!


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