Sunday, December 13, 2015

iVolunteerforChennai - an App to help in Flood Relief

LateraLogics – a Chennai based start-up has just released 'iVolunteer for Chennai' - an app-based platform aimed at connecting people who wish to volunteer to help rebuild the flood-hit Chennai city with aid-seekers and other agencies.

The app offers the following features:
- Help volunteers register themselves to offer help to the aid-seekers
- Help organisations and companies search and utilise services offered by the volunteers 
- Help aid-seekers search for and avail help offered by the volunteers

Arjun, the young Founder and the President of LateraLogics says he was inspired to bring out this platform due to the usability issues in the existing solutions and had quick consultations with a few experts in the field prior to starting the design. He highlights the following features in the platform:


·       The platform is app-based putting it right into the hands of the aid-seekers so that they’ll be able to use it when and where they need help.
·         The form is deliberately kept simple allowing the users to fill in very few fields (the bare minimum information) to get registered to offer help.
·         The aid seekers are exempted from registering themselves to search for and avail help. 

Ease of Use:

  •  The platform plots the location details on a map that makes search (of the volunteer’s location) easier for the aid-seekers.


  • The users are given options to manage multiple services, and also allowed to choose their preferred area of choice (for delivering help) for each of the services.
  •   The platform is ‘dynamic’ allowing the users to update their availability details either temporarily or permanently.

The company is working with NGOs and other organisations to help them utilise this app platform for augmenting their relief operations. It is also offering its services to build custom crowd-sourced applications for other areas related to the rebuild operations of the city.

‘iVolunteer for Chennai’ can be downloaded from Google Play Store using the link below:

More information (including the contact details) is available on the company’s website


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