Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Visit to RMD Palliative Care Centre in T.Nagar, Chennai

Yesterday, I walked into the RMD palliative care centre to chat with the patients. There are 12 beds in the home. And the staff were busy executing their early morning duties. 

The patients have varied diseases and also mindsets. There were quite a few patients recovering from cancer. One such patient was a carnatic singer who sang in sabhas along with her daughter and grand daughter. She was very happy to sing a "Keerthanai" for me. All her children were busy with their professions and so they have admitted their sick mother at RMD palliative care.

There were few people with fractures and one inmate had lived in London. But the challenge for the staff is to adjust with old patients who may be very demanding. Some inmates want to join their families at the earliest. 

"Be Good, and Do Good" was the philosophy of one of the patients. So, it was a happy day and meeting patients with varied mindsets was an eyeopener. Good luck to Dr. Republica Sridhar and her staff in continuing their service for the old and other patients who are in pain.

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