Friday, September 21, 2012

What Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat - Book Review

How will you feel if your friend discovered wounds on your body that you were not aware of? On top of it, how will you feel if he/she rubbed chilli powder on the newly discovered raw wounds? That's how you feel when you read the book "What Young India Wants." It's a shame that we are not conscious of so many ills surrounding beautiful India. 

Chetan has split the book of short essays into four sections - Our Society, Politics, Our Youth, and Two Stories. 

Chetan says it is the responsibility of every Indian to have opinions and views about their life. The brash, outspoken leader is the new hero and the quiet, smug leader who avoids controversial issues is outdated. Chetan believes that low-quality education is no education at all. And government buildings must be moved from central locations to city outskirts. Corruption starts when we ask our kid to say that they are less than five years old for a free train travel. Freebies, subsidies, and loan waivers have taken the place of long-term and permanent solutions. Taxpayers money and public money in banks is being looted by industrialists and politicians. Talent is ignored. People with pedigree, good looks, and connections are glorified. And many many more......

Chetan ends the book with "My Great Indian Dream". He wants every Indian to work hard, innovate, and then give back to society. This book must adorn the libraries of schools, colleges, corporates, NGOs and also the living room of every Indian. Wake up India!

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Rahul said...

Hey guys this a quik review on my behalf !!!!!!!

This book is a great source of encouragement for all of us,one must read this book to see how proud we all feel about INDIA but at the same time this books shows us the points where we are behind the western countries and need serious young indians awake, rise and start doing things which will make our country more efficient with transparent ....because now country is goin on with pathetic condition .....hope fully will come up soon....were even india will will be counted as sophisticated and fully developed country .....and were no one will be there to finger on our country....!!!!

nothing much to say...on this regard !!!!!

And to all those who are giving bad reviews about this book, I am damn sure that they are somehow associated with the corruption in India ....!!!!

thank you guys!!!!