Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Love, Peace, and Happiness - What more can u want? Book Review

L - Lust-filled ladies on top
O - Open relationships 
V - Variety of partners
E - Emotional co-dependence

P - Psychological problems
E - Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
A - Avarice and Greed
C - Clairvoyant cures
E - Ego tussles

H - Hates responsibilities in marriage
A - Ass and Grass go well together
P - Past was perfect
P - Please excuse...duty first
I -  Insanity is in vogue
N - No-nonsense bride selection
E - Emotional cripple
S - Spiritual solutions
S - Soulmates bring a song to your lips

The nine stories in the book revolve around imperfections in the modern society. But, why do you call them imperfections? When technology and lifestyle change, emotions and habits also change. Immense opportunities brings with it immense immorality. But, who are we to judge? We need 'everything' to be productive and successful. We are not willing to wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. We want to experiment. And who told you that all the nine stories happen only now? They may have been existing from time immemorial - just the tools, methods, and resources may have been different . But we get to talk about all this only now. Or there is very large audience now for any type of communication!

The last story in the book tries to tie all the characters together. But it is a vain attempt. Looks like an unwanted summary. Nevertheless, the stories penetrate your thoughts, evoke different feelings, make you sad, make you happy, and make you shudder. 

The USP of the book is the Alternate Endings. You can write an alternate ending for each story in author Rituraj Verma's website. So, the reader becomes a part of each story. Good endings will be published in the website. And you can get the links of the alternate endings if you buy the book. So, buy the book now by clicking here. You get 223 pages of entertaiment for Rs. 104.

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