Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chennai Exhibition near Annanagar Roundtana

A very big "Manitha Kurangu" invites you to the exhibition near Annanagar roundtana. As you walk past the entrance there are numerous shops with household utility items - Magic sponge that magically wipes off dirt from any surface, mini water vaporiser to produce steam for medical and beauty needs, and vathals of all kinds.

As you turn to the right, stalls sell olive oil, gobi manchurian ready ix, milk khoa, portable picnic chairs and more. The homemade kadamba paal of Amba's Junnu was really tasty. You can place party orders if you want more than 50 sweet bowls. Contact Sridhar at 9791107856 or mail to

The center of the exhibition has many shapes of merry-go-rounds, sugarcane with lime juice, Madurai's jigarthanda and chilli bajjis. Step in and enjoy your day this summer.

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