Friday, February 24, 2012

The Three Agents of Change

1. Agent of Error: This agent forces you to view the part as the whole. Here's an example. One who enjoys eating apples will talk about it as if it is the only fruit existing on earth. ( manifests in a wicked person)

2. Agent of Equal Opportunity: This agent forces you to respect and accept the individual existence of everything. One who enjoys eating an apple will also accept that a mango, banana, orange, and every other fruit existing on earth has a justified existence. (manifests in a wealthy and respected person)

3. Agent of Oneness: This agent forces you to discover unity in diversity.  Fruits like apple, banana, mango, and orange and every other fruit comes from the seed which is created by God. (manifests in a wise person)

You need to be able to identify the agent of change operating within you. The easiest way to change your circumstances is to disassociate yourself from the agent of error and associate yourself with the agent of equal opportunity and oneness. The moment you make this switch, your thoughts and actions will drive you towards abundance, love, and compassion.

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