Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Cloud 9 Book Review

On Cloud 9 is a story about Maya - a woman who falls in love, has a perfect 2 years of marriage, and is then hopeless as she sees the marriage slip through her fingers.

Like many women in distress, she meets a Guru. Guruji tells her that 'men' are not the cause of any women's problem. As menstruation, menopause, and mental start with 'men' a woman seems to perceive that the cause of all her problems is a man. So, she starts competing with a man. She forgets her own intrinsic nature of being feminine and strong. She copies lot of masculine habits and loses her originality and unique identity. This idea is explained better with a story about birds in the book.

The book is filled with beautiful insights about Life. "Now listen carefully to what i'm saying. Marry for the right reason. Don't marry out of social pressure, insecurity, for financial upgradation, or because of loneliness. A lot of people marry because marriage offers another shoulder to lean on. If you are unhappy and insecure, the marriage will only 'enhance' this state of being. " And you do not have control over anyone's actions but your own.

Why is that a woman born in Russia takes her divorce in stride and continues with her life, but a woman born in India finds it difficult to emotionally adjust with a divorce? It is because of the different conditioning that we receive from birth. We are "born free" but are tied down by the chains of beliefs and laws within a few seconds.

Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning - discard the chains and ropes of conditioning and open the windows of your mind. Let fresh air circulate, ventilate, and energize your system. 

India has a very good support system for a person in distress - family system, religion, rituals, temples, churches, meditations, prayers, festivals, pooja (worship), satsangs(group interactions), mantras, yagnas, havnas(energy rituals) etc.

Money does not bring happiness because happiness is a 'state of mind' and is not a commodity that can be bought. But money is very important to buy things we need. The authors advise old people to keep their savings and property under their control to help them during a crisis.

The authors Suresh Padmanabhan and Shan Chavan suggest that we light a lamp with sesame oil or ghee, walk barefoot on earth, and listen to mantras to enhance mind and body well-being. The book is filled with many such techniques and meaningful poems.

Life is like listening to a FM station - you do not know which song is going to be played next. It may be your favorite song, a new or unknown song, or a song not to your taste.

The book is a must read for all women (and men too) and will be a great gift to anyone who likes to read. Pick your copy soon. The book has 219 pages and is priced at Rs.190.

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