Sunday, September 18, 2011

AIKYA initiates Newborn Screening Program

AIKYA inaugurated the newborn screening program along with MediScan and Lions club Dist 324-A5 at Mylapore on 17th September, 2011. Lion Parvathy Viswanthan, Pediatrician Dr. Sudha from MediScan and Lions club Governor Mr. Nandagopoal spoke during the inauguration.

Lion Parvathy Viswanath introduces the program

Newborn screening is done by taking  four drops of blood from the heel of a newborn using a special syringe after 48 hours and within seven days( 1 week) after birth. The consent of parents to conduct the test is very important. In India now 5 disorders are found using newborn screening. MediScan is currently doing newborn screening in 17 hospitals in Chennai and one in Ooty. Dr. Suresh of MediScan is the pioneer in India for Newborn screening.

Lion Governor Nanadagopal inaugrated NewBorn Screening
 MediScan offers to test adrenalin and thyroid levels in newborns at the rate of Rs. 750. Testing for all five disorders costs Rs.1200. Adrenalin disorder can lead to problems in genitalia developments and usually  occur due to marriages within same family. This symptom is prevalent in the Nellore-Tamilnadu border. Thyroid related problems can lead to mental disorders, slow learning, bloated body, memory loss and more. This symptom is prevalent in the Vandaloor belt. Early detection can cure an abnormality or atleast reduce the impact of a disease.

Dr.Sudha spoke about New Born Screening
In USA, they test for 41 disorders.  In USA, 1 in every 4000 children test positive. In India, 1 in every 1000 children test positive. In India, you need to increase and spread awareness about Newborn screening.

Video: Excerpts of Speech by Nandagopal and Dr.Sudha

Let us know if you need to address a crowd of 25 to 30 people about NewBorn screening. AIKYA can arrange for the event. Mail or call 9444960643.


Dr. Saurabh Dani said...

Another lab in India called NeoGen Labs screens for 51+ disorders at a very competative price too. Why should you deprive parents of other deadly disorders when in the State of Goa it has been shown that other disorders are also common in Indian population

Anitha said...

Nice to know :)