Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meeting with Prema of CIOSA

Met Prema of CIOSA and Selva of Eureka over a cup of juice at Fruit Shop on Greams road. The interesting discussion veered towards the bottlenecks NGOs face with external and internal stakeholders.

Selva of Eureka and Prema of CIOSA

* City police refuse permissions for charity runs, marathons, and other NGO meetings in public places. Police also cancel the programs at the last minute. Hope the upcoming meeting on this 20th August between the city police and NGOs will help resolve issues between the two groups.

* Volunteer coordinators sometimes travel 3 hours, only to find that no volunteer has come for the proposed meeting! Sigh!

* Many NGOs do not reply to e-mail communication and respond only when a phone call is made. The motivation to reply to an email has to  increase amongst NGO staff.

* Internal communication between NGO staff about policies, programs, and other critical data has to improve. NGO staff do not have time for knowledge dissemination and transfer.

Ideas about how CIOSA can leverage Social Media for "Connecting the Concerned" were also explored.

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