Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tiny Skills for Tiny Tots @ Advesa Trust

Today, Advesa Trust organized a workshop on making vegetable salad and gardening for the kids of Alphonsa rural library in Mathur. Around 15 kids attended the workshop.

First, the kids made vegetable salad. The children used carrots, cucumber, beetroot, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, lime, pepper, and salt to make the vegetable salad. The kids participated with a lot of enthusiasm, cutting and grating vegetables. The importance of eating raw vegetables to gain the full nutritious value of vegetables was emphasized. The children were advised to make and eat vegetable salad atleast once a week.  All the kids ate a handful of the final version of the vegetable salad. 

Next, the kids planted coriander and fenugreek seeds in the garden. The children first dug the mud to make it loose. They strew the seeds. Again covered the seeds with mud and then sprinkled water. Hope this activity creates an interest in gardening for the kids.

The children were eager to have another workshop the very next week!! Very encouraging indeed :))

The kids with Trainer Anitha

A Story about Vegetable Salad:

Chef Cinderella wanted to make a low fat but healthy snack for her kids. She decided to make a vegetable salad – no oil but full of vitamins and minerals. She opened her fridge and was thinking about which vegetable to pick. “Pop” jumped Cathy Carrot.

“I am rich in Vitamin A and I’m good for eyesight”, said Cathy Carrot. So, Chef Cinderella pulled out two carrots from the fridge. As she was watching, she saw Trim Tomato rolling down towards her. Trim Tomato winked and said, “I am rich in Vitamin C and help to remove toxins from the body.” Chef Cinderella smiled and picked two tomatoes.

Cushy Cabbage danced and plopped herself into Chef’s hand. “I have lots of Vitamin B1 and Potassium.” Otto Onion, Brisk Broccoli, Chatty Cucumber, Silky Spinach, and Cozy Corn also joined the fun.

Elite Eggplant moved towards Chef Cinderella. Chef hesitated because of the Egg in the Eggplant. But Elite Eggplant told that she had Egg only in her name and had no connection with the Hen’s Egg. So, Chef Cinderella picked the vegetable Elite Eggplant. She cut and chopped all the vegetables. And added salt, pepper, coriander leaves, and lime juice and passed on the delicious salad to the kids. The kids enjoyed the wholesome and colorful vegetable salad.

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