Saturday, July 2, 2011

Change is Easy - DELL Inspiron Laptop Series

How nice it would be if you can change your laptop lid colour and design to suit the dress you wear or the event / occasion you attend? The DELL Queen Series of Laptops gives you the easy color change option and much more.

The Eight Lid Designs that are now in the market

You can choose from the eight colors to customize and represent who you are!

Are you wearing an ethnic dress - then change your laptop lid to "Mehendi"  or "Shaadi" design.

Do you want to flaunt all rainbow colours - then pick "X" that has colours splashed on a black design.

Have to Conduct an Interview - look formal with "Peacock Blue" or " Horizontal Purple".

The video below shows a sales representative Jitender changing the laptop lid from "Black" to "Lovers in the Morning". The video was shot at the DELL showroom in Kodambakkam High Road in Chennai. Thanks to Prakash and Jitender for the demo.

Now what are you waiting for? Grab your DELL Inspiron Series for Rs. 34,300 and get an extra laptop lid free. You get genuine Windows 7 Home Basic and an Intel Core i3-2310M processor.

Thanks to Indiblogger for the event coordination.


Fiducia said...

Seriously too good..!!!!

Anitha said...

U mean the two sales reps! ha ha. Thank u Simi.

Chitz said...

nice one hear my gadget speak

peter dell said...

Thanks to share a nice video and your showroom is located where in India? Your Dell showroom is likes pretty good.

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