Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vote for Akshaya Patra in Chase Community Giving on FB

Akshaya Patra foundation runs the world's biggest midday meal scheme for school children. They use scientific methods like gravity kitchen to feed 1.3 million each day. I had blogged about Akshaya Patra a few months back.

Chase Community Giving is running a campaign on Facebook of which Akshaya Patra is also a part. Chase Community will donate $25,000 to the top 100 charities who receive the most number of votes and will move on to the next level http://bit.ly/iyFELz.

The good news is that Akshaya Patra Foundation has qualified for the second level with 941 votes from supporters across the globe. Charity receiving the most votes (rank 1) will get $500,000. Votes for the next round will start from 19th May. So please vote for Akshaya Patra and help them win  $500,000 from Chase Community Giving to feed more and more children.

Feeding a hungry child is not charity, it is our social responsibility. 

Unlimited Food
for Education

Children are being fed everyday!
I donated and made a difference!
YOU can do it too.

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