Monday, April 18, 2011

Power Play - Exercise Video by Lara Dutta

Power Play is a video in which Lara Dutta demonstrates aerobic exercises for every muscle in our torso. Lara Dutta starts the video by telling she was Miss Universe in the year 2000. And how she, an Indian, won the prize for Best Body for the first time in the Swim Suit round.

Lara agrees that exercise can be boring. But she tries to make it a fun routine. Lara, along with Debbie and Aditya, exhibits three versions of the same exercise - with a basketball, without weights, and with weights. Lara does a good job as she guides us through a set of exercises for the abdomen, legs, warm up, and stretches.

Lara, along with Fitness Expert Zareen Watson, answers Frequently Asked Questions from the public.

Q) Does fruit juice help in weight reduction?
A) No. Fruit juice has lot of calories. Instead, have a whole fruit or vegetable juice.

Q) How many kilos can one lose per month?
A) Healthy weight loss is 2-4 kilos per month.

The VCD is priced at Rs.149 and is good for a home workout.

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