Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Evening at Advesa Trust , Mathur - 30th April 2011

The Third Annual Day celebrations of Advesa Trust went on well. The kids of both Alphonsa and DonBosco libraries sang, danced, and also recited good thoughts collected from the library books.

The chief guest Dr. Soma Guhathakurta told the kids that a room without a book is like a body without a soul. She also pointed out that inside a library we raise our minds and lower our voices.
Dr.Soma addressing the kids
 Story Teller Devarajan entertained the kids with stories about animals and Che Guevera.  The kids answered the questions at the end of each of the four stories Devarajan told.
Devarajan tells a story
 Mactrics mime and body theater members enthralled the audience with amazing actions and expressions. The mummers enacted a midnight birthday party, getting caught in the lift, and a scene from Tom and Jerry. Victor pointed out that mime was inherited from Greek culture and that Charlie Chaplin was the best example of a mummer.
Vivek, Abhisek, Vikas, Dharish, Arjun, Sravanth, and Victor of MacTrics

Thirty children from Shelter Home ( home for children of parents affected by AIDS) came to watch the Third Annual Day culturals. Six students received educational scholarships and four kids received special prizes for good attendance and performance in the Advesa libraries.

Chuddar magazine, a magazine filled with poems, stories, and paintings by Advesa Library kids was released. Advesa Trust thanks DSP Printers for printing all the magazine copies at reduced cost. Dr. Soma gave the first copy of Chuddar to Mr. Devarajan.
Chuddar Magazine 
Kids singing, dancing, talking, and watching


Cosmates in MacTrcis said...

thanks for the opportunity!:) happy to have been a part of this event!:)

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It was gr8 seeing u all perform. Thank u MacTrics team :))