Friday, March 18, 2011

Payanam Movie - Awesome and Enthralling

Payanam Tamil movie is about a plane hijack by fanatics. The demand is to release one of the terrorist leaders Yusuf Khan. The government executives hesitate to take a decision due to an upcoming election and a visit by the President of USA. However, actor Nagarjuna who dons the role of a commando is ready for operation Garuda. Operation Garuda aims to attack the hijackers in the plane and rescue the passengers without releasing Yusuf Khan. How Nagarjun rescues the passengers using a clever strategy is the story of Payanam.

The movie has no songs. There is no separate comedy track. However, the various behavior of the different passengers inside the plane provides enough entertainment and fun. The actor-fan duo played by Prithiviraj-Balaji is really hilarious. At first, the fan is all praise for the extraordinary fights of the actor onscreen. But Prithvi is not able to do anything against the terrorists. So, the disillusioned fan takes all types of digs at Prithvi by quoting his courageous  punch dialogues in movies.

It is sad to know the movie release was delayed by a year due to financial problems. Anyways, hats off to producer Prakashraj and director Radha Mohan.

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