Saturday, January 8, 2011

Can u Empower a Girl Child? Can u Help a Kannamma?


Umesh Bawa said...

I thought parental patrarchy and faulty penetal techniques used for sex determination early before the birth.... Kills the girls.... She needs a free environmet... Which is somewhere losted in india....

Anitha said...

The fact that a girl/woman is mentally stronger and mature than a boy/man of her age must be good enough for to be parents.

Fiducia said...

I like this initiative..
Lets spread this thought in words across the web..
I think what you are doing for this cause is amazing Ani..There are lots more we are yet to do, isn't it?
I really liked the way this post was woven in flow..
Let's bring the change, I guess!
keep blogging~

Anitha said...

Hey Simi,

Thank U. The post content was written by Sriram of Nalandaway.I just combined the message and video.

The Kannamma initiative is very active till end of Jan 2011. Visit their page mentioned in the blog post for more details. Pls join the Kannamma campaign.